Anatoly Patrick Architecture is a boutique studio, specialising in elegant, creative design.
We design homes and extensions, and medium-sized commercial projects including cellar-doors, shops, office and apartment blocks and warehouses.
From time to time we call on a team of trusted consultants and associates (interior designers, landscape designers, bespoke furniture-makers) for additional expertise, to offer you the best possible service.

Our Philosophy

High-end Design
The best spaces feel so simple and natural you’ll hardly know they’ve been ‘designed’. Less really is more. Think visual serenity. Seamless connections. Elegant, well-proportioned spaces. These are the signatures of our design.

Practical spaces
Life is easier and simpler when your home works well. Problems with space and function? Tight budget? A tricky site? Need your business premises to stand out? We can help with creative ideas and solutions you may never have thought of. We design flexible, streamlined spaces that flow room to room, indoors and out. Places that bends to your needs. Tailored to the way you live and work.
A sense of place
We’ll help you make the most of your location – using nature, climate, daylight and views- to create you a home or workplace that uplifts and restores. A  vibrant, sustainable building in harmony with it’s setting. A place where you can thrive and flourish.

Good design is created together and you are part of the team. We’ll work in close collaboration with you every step of the way to create a place that defines you and reflects your tastes and lifestyle.