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Design is the cornerstone of what we do. 


I’m also an occupational therapist and particularly interested in the connection between architecture and wellbeing. If you’re interested in how good design helps us thrive, follow me on twitter @mereniavince

I also write feature articles for magazines about:

• architecture and wellbeing
• homes and gardens
• nature play
• urban design and place-making

I take care of research, writing, marketing.

Merenia Vince

I've spent the last 25 years weaving space, light, proportion and flow into elegant spaces that create a way of life. Every detail of your project will be crafted with care. It will be beautiful. And nobody else will have anything like it. 

At Sydney’s University of Technology I studied under distinguished architects, Glenn Murcutt, Harry Seidler and Ian Moore. I’ve worked in Sydney, London, Dubai and Adelaide with some of the world’s iconic architects, including Norman Foster, Denton Corker Marshall and Woods Bagot. 

Registered with the Architectural Practice Board of South Australia: No. 3106
Member of the Australian Institute of Architects: 50977

Translating your dreams into a cohesive, elegant design.

Anatoly Patrick

My Story: Anatoly

Architects have the reputation of being rather refined individuals, but my architectural journey began with a sledgehammer… and a run-down boarding house in inner Sydney. A ‘project’ that my parents bought when I was a teen. It was a gloomy, uninspiring dive. But underneath the flimsy partitions and grotty carpets was a gorgeous 2-storey Victorian era terrace house waiting to be let out. The moment we took possession, I was swinging the sledgehammer, demolishing walls in every direction, barely waiting to take the “before photos”. 

We carefully crafted two extensions, up and out, that celebrated the textures and character of the old house, flooding it with daylight, and opening up the spaces for modern living. 

Thoughtful design gave the house a new life… and hooked me on the magic of good design. 

Credit should also go to my Russian and Australian grandpas who let me loose for hours in their sheds….inspirational sheds chocked to the rafters with rusty tools, antique cars, and broken TVs. I tinkered for hours in those dusty Aladdins caves with the odd possum sleeping overhead in the rafters. Shed-life taught me the joy and creativity of making stuff. 

But those early hands-on experiences stayed with me. I’m an architect with a strong practical inclination. I can swing a hammer. And, from sky-scrapper to garden studio, I know exactly how a building is put together and how creative design will make it sing. 

After devouring six years of architecture at university, I got to work on some very glamorous architectural projects, contributing to the skyline in London, Dubai, Sydney and Adelaide. I saw firsthand the power of good design – how eye-catching architecture draws customers, how a light-filled home welcomes and uplifts, how thoughtful design makes our towns liveable. 

Good architectural design is a destination and a delight.

Our mission is to help you create beautiful, liveable architecture that changes your life.